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Brewers Fantasy is a microbrewery in Fürth/Erlenbach. It´s founded 2015 and the focus of the brewery is craft beer. This means handmade beer which is also bottled by hand. The beer specialities are brewed with extraordinary ingredients like special malts and selected hop varieties. These circumstances set apart from the large-scale production of big breweries and ensure a high level of quality. Based on the half Irish descent of our brewer, the main focus lies on Irish and English styles of beer. Furthermore we plan to produce barrel aged beers and a beer which we´ll refine with champagne yeast. We also make plans for seasonal beer specialities. Additionally we will start with some beer tastings in our microbrewery with our brewer and beer sommelier Marcel Alberti in spring 2016. Moreover we plan projects like „Brew your own beer“ so that every customer can create his own product for special events like birthday parties, bachelor parties or as a gift for friends. It`s important for us that every client has the possibility to be involved in the process of brewing and to create a product according to the respective requirements of every single person.

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